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Conveyor Belt Systems

TPU Coated Belts – Modular Jointed Belts, Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) is a commonly used belt coating material in the food processing industry.

General Features

● High flexibility level even at low temperatures (can go down to -30°C)
● Excellent wear resistance
● High resistance to vegetable and animal oils and machine oil
● High abrasion resistance
● Free from plasticizers
● No bacterial growth on belt surfaces
● No micro-cracks on belt surfaces

Habasit’s coating technology ensures smooth belt surfaces, impermeability of the coating layers, and uniform belt thickness. The two main series of TPU-coated belts have antimicrobial properties.

Antimicrobial Belts

Habasit offers purpose-specific TPU belt series containing antimicrobial additive materials. Designed specifically for the food industry, these conveyor and process belts include an antimicrobial additive that prevents the accumulation of microorganisms on the belt surface.
The antimicrobial additive remains effective even in hard-to-clean areas. It does not affect the taste of transported food.
Depending on various regulations in different markets, Habasit offers a range of products with suitable additives for each requirement.
Conveyor belt systems suitable for all kinds of working environments are produced.
Operates at -30°C to +125°C.
Transmission distance of 1000 meters/max.
Belt width: 300mm – 3,000mm.
Conveying Speed: 8-10 m/second.
Conveying Capacity: 1500m3/hour.
Total Conveying Transfer Weight: 3200 Tons/hour.
Modular Jointed Belt Lifespan: 100 years.

Areas of Use

Transfer belts for ovens
Cooling belts for post-oven exit
Loading and unloading
Storage and retrieval belts
Direct transfer from production to packaging

Benefits of Conveyor Belts

Products are transported to packaging without being damaged as soon as they come out of production.
It has a low investment cost.
Controlled by a small number of workers, preventing physical fatigue.
Low-cost service and maintenance expenses,
Low energy consumption,
Long periods without breakdowns.

Industries Using Conveyor Belts

Bread and Bakery Product Manufacturers,
Fruit Exporters,
Industries producing solid objects in mass production (Stationery-Toys-Plastics Industry-Screw Production-Spare Part Manufacturing Businesses)

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