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Who We Are?

Karataş Heat Engineering

A Pioneer in the Industry

Leading the food sector in our country with an advanced vision and a mission of local and national production.

Superior Quality

Mastery in quality, enhancing taste while accelerating efficiency with the power of machinery.


Innovation for flavor with innovative solutions and reliable technology.

Founded in 1979 by our Chairman of the Board, Mr. Vedat KARATAŞ, our company initially provided equipment, machinery, and technical services needed by the bakery products sector in its early years. It obtained dealerships, developed sales and marketing networks, and over time, witnessing the problems, needs, and demands of bakery product producers, it started manufacturing machines and supporting products to help them work more efficiently from the mid-80s onwards.

As we reached the 2000s, the bakery products sector, developing in parallel with the country’s economy, attached greater importance to mechanization to meet the demands of consumers with increasing income levels. Many businesses suffered significant losses due to imported machines in those days. KARATAŞ HEAT ENGINEERING, in line with its principle, could not remain indifferent to this situation. It started working to protect the industry and to keep our country’s financial power within the country. Through successful R&D efforts, it managed to produce many machines that couldn’t be manufactured domestically. It became one of the cornerstones of the bakery products and baking sector’s strength in our country.

Images from Our Factory

Board of Directors

Quality is a moral philosophy.

Vedat Karataş

Chairman of the Board

“Indeed, the most beloved of people to Allah are those who are most beneficial to people.” (Hadith of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.) Adopting this principle, Vedat KARATAŞ, over the years, has provided quality and timely service. Despite his professional work, he has maintained his amateur spirit, prioritizing the “artisan culture” and morality. He has always provided the highest level of service and closeness to his customers at every level, becoming known as “Vedat elder brother of bakers” and a beloved figure in our country in the 90s.