Service and Technical Support

Our After-Sales Service and Technical Support Team

In the age of advanced technology that we live in, no matter how high the quality of machines produced, without the human factor and the establishment of human relationships, no technology can be effective or beneficial. While our company takes giant steps forward in machine production every day, our After-Sales Services must be carried out just as swiftly and perfectly, ensuring customer satisfaction.

In pursuit of this goal, our company has implemented an internal quality and corporate system, while also instilling this belief in the minds of our employees. Corporate development doesn’t just mean establishing hierarchical relationships, but rather understanding that it signifies “Complete Customer Satisfaction.” Karataş Heat Engineering, adopting this philosophy as its working principle, continues to provide service tirelessly in this field, without limits or constraints.


Customer Satisfaction

Wherever you are, Karataş is with you!

Our company prioritizes Customer Satisfaction as its foremost principle. With its experienced and expert team, the company has been structured to provide active services 24/7 under the title of After Sales Services Directorate.

Equipped with expert engineers and technical service personnel, our company is capable of providing effective service anywhere in the world, addressing all the needs of our business partners either on-site or via telephone.

Karataş Heat Engineering has an extensive stock of spare parts for all machine groups it manufactures. In this context, for all our business partners whom we provide solutions to, we make maximum efforts to deliver high-quality spare parts quickly to minimize any potential downtime and business disruptions.

Central Contact Information

Our Central Contact Information is available 24/7.

Technical Service Personnel

Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance contracts have been established by the After Sales Services Department to ensure the effective and high-performance operation of your devices that are outside the warranty coverage.

Services Offered with Maintenance Contracts:

  • Regular maintenance reduces the likelihood of device malfunctions.
  • Customers who extend the contract to future years receive additional discounts on the contract fee.
  • Priority is given to contract customers in case of repairs.


At Karataş Heat Engineering, a wide range of solid and robust machines are available in the Dough Processing Machines and Packaging Machines series, each designed and constructed to comply with the high standards set by Karataş Heat Engineering. 100% of the parts used in the machines are produced in our own facilities. Other parts are sourced from carefully selected top-quality brand suppliers, and procuring these from elsewhere may prove challenging. Please rely on our Technical Service for both warranty and post-warranty services.

Our machines come with a one (1) year warranty, starting from the date specified in the service form, which is prepared after machine installation and trial production. The machines sold do not come with a legal obligation for regular and periodic maintenance by our company. Maintenance and repair will not be carried out unless reported by the workplace manager. Existing periodic practices are performed at the discretion of the manufacturer. However, establishments with [Maintenance contracts] are visited for periodic maintenance according to the content of the contract. Both parties exercise the privileges stated in this contract.

During the machine assembly and training period covered by the warranty, the travel, meal, and accommodation expenses of KARATAŞ HEAT ENGINEERING personnel are covered by the buyer. Only travel expenses are covered by the company for the initial installation.

Out-of-Warranty Domestic Service Fee: İzmir: 350 TL / Outside İzmir: 550 TL / excl. 18% VAT.

For fast transportation and efficient use of time, we kindly request that our technical service personnel be provided with economical class flight tickets by the customer. For example, a bus journey from Izmir to Sivas takes at least 15 hours, while a flight that costs almost the same as a bus ticket would enable our technical service to start assisting you at your workplace within 1.5 hours. This is an economic gain for both parties and will also ensure uninterrupted production.

The use of non-original spare parts in machines covered by the warranty causes the machine to fall out of warranty coverage and may lead to serious malfunctions in the machine. Our service personnel will quickly notice and report this situation.


Yes, we do. The After Sales Services Department has prepared an emergency repair maintenance kit for you, keeping in mind that your production may stop due to a simple part like a 5 TL belt breaking in the middle of the night. Consider the potential damage this can cause to your production. Therefore, an Emergency Spare Part Kit has been prepared for minor breakdowns that your operator can handle, and it includes the necessary spare parts. All you need to do is use Original Spare Parts and keep these kits in your inventory to avoid unnecessary downtime.


Dear customer, evaluations can be made as much as production can be measured. It is not known when and what has been delivered to whom without recording it, so the quality of service provided to you cannot be improved. Therefore, in line with the corporate company structure, whether under warranty or out of warranty, all spare parts and services requested by you are recorded in writing and registered in our company. Our services are documented, and we have the possibility to know who has received what service, when, and which materials have been sent for years. Please send your requests related to after-sales services to us in writing via email or fax.

Our company has prepared a printed form for requesting spare parts and service. All the requests regarding after-sales services from you are first registered on this form, and then sent to you by fax or email. If you want to receive this service immediately, you should examine the form and sign and stamp the Customer Order Confirmation section and send it back to us as soon as possible. This means that you accept the service we will provide and show that you will make the payment on the date indicated in writing on the document. Our service department will not take action until you send us this form, so you should send the form to us as soon as possible. This form should be approved immediately, as the procurement of the requested spare parts, internal correspondences, and preparation for shipment may take time. Delivery times for cargo companies are until 16:00 every day. We kindly ask you to appreciate and support our shared service stages and to consider that the shared information in this section is valid for our services worldwide.