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Natural Bread Production Line


1-Types of Ovens (Tube, Multilayer, Rotating Cart)
2-Varieties of Dough Kneading Mixers
3-Cutting-Weighing Machine
4-Conical Rounding Machine
5-Intermediate Resting Machine
6-Long Shaping Machine
7-Planetary Mixer
8-Flour Sieving Machine
9-Bread Slicing Machine


10-Water Dosing Machine
11-Fermentation Room and Dough Fermentation Air Conditioning Unit
12-Tray Trolley Varieties
13-Paddle (Wooden Tray) Trolley
14-Spiral Cooling Tower
15-Horizontal Transfer Conveyor
16-Roll-Hamburger-Sandwich Bread Full Production Line
17-Pretzel Production Line
18-Stale Bread Grinding Machine (Obtaining Bread Crumbs)

The above-mentioned machines can be customized with different machines according to the variety of products to be produced, the layout area, and the production capacity. This list is provided for informational purposes about the General Machinery Park. The entire list can be installed if desired.

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