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Roll Bread Packaging


  • The machine’s surfaces that come into contact with the product and its surrounding protective covers are made of food-safe 304 quality non-tarnishing chrome-nickel metal from Finland.
  • Our machine features an intelligent motor system with servo motor automation.
  • The touch screen and PLC / Smart Control System / in our machine provide easy access and intervention to the product’s packaging length, intelligent eye photosensor adjustment, and machine speed.
  • Our machine is designed to be compatible with a device that prints information such as production date, serial number, and expiration date onto the product.
  • This feature is optional.
  • Emergency Stop buttons are placed in necessary locations to ensure user and machine safety.

General Features

  • A system is available to check the information of the packaged product. In case of a malfunction, a picture and name of the faulty part connected to the automation are displayed on the screen.
  • Remote access (internet) to the computer software program is possible if the conditions are met.
  • The machine can perform a maximum of 180 units per minute and an average of 10,800 units per hour.
  • These figures may vary depending on the product.
  • The machine’s packaging speed can be lowered or increased, according to needs.
  • The size of the selefon coil, the packaging material of the machine, can work at a minimum of 20 microns, reducing packaging costs.
  • This system is a special construction of our machine.
  • Easy to use and easy to clean.
  • The machine is completely developed with our unique model and R&D studies at our factory in Izmir, Turkey.

General Features

  • The product is not produced under license, and all rights belong to our company. The removal and installation of the selefon coil, the packaging material, is simple.
  • It is installed in a pneumatic, PLC-controlled shaft. The under-packaging system is air-operated and PLC-controlled, allowing for adjustments without time loss.
  • The selefon coil tensioning system is unique to us and automatically adjusts the tension of the selefon based on the weight and thickness of the coil.
  • This machine is designed for roll bread packaging. The Selefon-Opp coil tensioning system is unique to us and automatically adjusts the tension of the selefon based on the weight and thickness of the coil.
  • SERVO MOTOR: During the printing phase, points are marked (spots are made) on the Opp-Selefon packaging material up to the length of the package to be printed on the product.
  • The machine is given this interval measurement, so the manufacturer’s logo is fully packaged on each product.
  • These spots/marks are organized with the servo motor.
  • In a servo motor-equipped machine, there is no waste of packaging material.
  • The servo motor synchronously maintains the simultaneous flow of packaging material and product.
  • The package length is entered on the screen, eliminating manual package length adjustment by the conveyor servo system.
  • Through torque reading, the jaw automatically opens in case of an accident on the bread or any other incident.
  • The possibility of cutting an empty package is eliminated. The Jaw, Conveyor, and Table Servo system eliminates waste by waiting until the bread arrives.
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