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Roll Bread Packaging


  •  With our packaging machine, individual packaging of Sandwiches and Roll Bread (mini round bread) is done.
  • Our machine features an intelligent motor system with servo motor automation.
  • The touchscreen and PLC/Smart Control System provide easy access and intervention to product package length, smart eye photocell adjustment, and machine speed.
  • There is a product control sensor that prevents Roll Bread from getting stuck during packaging.
  • The packaging mechanism during operation does not crush the bread; if the bread’s position is not suitable, the smart eye sensor stops the machine.
  • All surfaces in contact with the product and the surrounding protective covers are made of food-safe 304-quality stainless steel and steel.

General Features

  • Our machine is compatible with the operation of a device that prints information such as production date, serial number, and expiration date on the product.
  • Emergency Stop and Safety Switches are placed in necessary locations to ensure user and machine safety. An automatic product recall and storage system that stores packaged product information in memory is available.
  • In case of a malfunction, the image and name of the faulty part are displayed on the screen. Remote intervention is possible if all program conditions are met.
  • The machine can perform 120 packages per minute, and on average, 7200 packages per hour.
  • Sandwich bread weights: 60 – 90 – 110 grams and various other gram weights can be packaged. The average standard sandwich is 60g x 160mm.
  • The product carrier intervals are set to 200mm.

General Features

  • After adjusting the product carrier intervals for the sandwich, other products or items can be easily packaged in the form of roll bread or adjusted measurements.
  • Packaging continues without interrupting the system. Only the opp-selefon packaging length is adjusted.
  • The packaging material for the machine, the size of the selefon coil, is a minimum of 32cm width and 25 microns thickness, reducing packaging costs.
  • During the legal life of the machine, spare parts and service support are available.
  • The machine is developed entirely at our Turkey Izmir Factory with our unique model and R&D work. The difference from the Roll Bread packaging machine is the long type conveyor (Product feeding line) and the absence of a Product feeding Tray here.
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