6’lı Kes-Tart

Karataş Isı Mühendislik
Ürünü İncele

PLC Controlled 6-Unit Dough Cutting,
Weighing, and Rolling Machine

General Features

Electrical and electronic malfunctions of the machine are displayed as images and indicated with text on the screen.

The general settings of the machine are controlled by a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) through a touch screen.

The PLC program of the machine can be remotely reloaded via internet access in case of a malfunction.

The working parts and belts of the machine are easily detachable and attachable.

The machine is easy to clean.

Our machine is the ONLY one in its class in Turkey.

The machine is minimally affected by ambient temperature changes.

All information of the machine is stored in memory and can be used continuously.

The speed settings of all belts in the machine can be adjusted to the desired level.

The machine is easy to learn and use.

Cutting Section

The body and parts of the machine are made of 304 quality Stainless Steel – Non-Tarnishing, Non-Blackening Finnish Steel.

Dough between 30 – 180 grams can be cut by the machine.

Max: 11,000 pieces of roll bread dough are cut and rolled in 1 hour. (Hamburger dough max: 10,000 pieces in 1 hour, Sandwich dough max: 7,000 pieces in 1 hour.)

Since very little flour is used in the cutting process, it creates a clean working environment.

The amount of flour given to the cut dough can be adjusted to the desired amount.

The machine’s oiling system is automatically adjusted and does not require constant oiling for the dough pressing pistons during the dough cutting process.

Due to pressure-free cutting, the dough is not damaged unlike other machines. (Stress-Free Dough Feature),

This machine is the main machine for all production lines. With additional units, all types of dough production can be performed on this machine.

With the cutting unit, apart from Roll Bread, Sandwich, Hamburger, Cabatta (Ciabatta), Tortilla-Lavash type bread doughs are cut at the desired weight.

Importance of Cutting-Tart Oil

Eliminates residue and stickiness in cutting devices.

Extends the machine’s lifespan if Cutting-Tart oil is used.

Reduces maintenance costs of the machine.

Cutting-Tart oil contains a high amount of Oleic Acid obtained through refining. It is clear, colorless to light yellow. It is not used directly in food preparation. Contact with food is not harmful to health. It is obtained from Olive Oil-Hazelnut Oil-Sunflower Oil.

It has been found through research that it reduces the risk of high blood pressure as a high content of monounsaturated fatty acid, balances cholesterol, protects against heart and vascular diseases. It also reduces insulin needs in diabetic patients and has a protective effect against certain types of cancer.


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