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Fully Automatic Sandwich and Sandwich Packaging Machine


With our packaging machine, packaging of Roll Bread/mini round bread/individual items can be done or all kinds of objects can be packaged according to the dimensions given below.
In addition to bread, it can package medical supplies, filled sandwiches and hamburger bread, soap, toys, cosmetics, stationery, etc.
Our machine has an intelligent motor system with servo motor automation.
With the touch screen and PLC/Smart Control System on our machine, there is easy access and intervention to product packaging length, intelligent eye photocell adjustment, machine speed.
There is a product control sensor that prevents Roll Bread or other products from getting stuck during packaging.
During packaging, the assembly that does the packaging does not crush the bread; if the bread is not in the correct position, the intelligent eye sensor stops the machine.
All surfaces in contact with the product and the surrounding protective covers of the machine are made of food-grade 304 quality Finnish stainless steel that does not tarnish.
The machine is designed to work with a device that prints information such as production date, serial number, expiration date on the product. This machine is optional.
Emergency Stop buttons have been placed in necessary places to ensure user and machine safety.
A system is available to check the information of the packaged product.
If a fault occurs, the screen displays the image and name of the faulty part connected to the automation.
If conditions are met, remote access (internet) to the computer software program is possible for intervention.
The machine can perform a maximum of 180 items per minute, and on average, a maximum of 11,000 items per hour can be packaged. These numbers may vary depending on the product.
The machine’s packaging speed can be reduced or increased, depending entirely on demand.

General Features

The part of the machine that packages the packaging material cellophane by compressing it is called the jaw. This jaw system is rotary and consists of four (4) parts, allowing it to work without any loss due to compression. It performs 2 compressions in each revolution, without any idle rotation. Two products are packaged in each full revolution.
The coil size of the packaging material cellophane used by the machine can work with a minimum of 25 microns, reducing packaging costs. This system is a special design unique to our machine.
It is easy to use and clean.
Throughout the legal lifespan of the machine, there is spare parts and service support.
The machine has been developed entirely in our Turkey Izmir Factory with our unique model and R&D studies.
It is not a product produced under license and all rights belong to our company.
The removal and installation of the cellophane coil for packaging material is simple, and the place it is installed is a shaft with an air system and PLC control.
The underlying adhesive system for packaging is operated by air and is PLC-controlled, allowing adjustments to be made without time loss.
The cellophane coil tensioning system is unique to us and automatically adjusts the tension of the cellophane based on the weight and thickness of the coil.
This machine is designed for packaging roll bread and can be used for multiple purposes with simple modifications.
The tensioning system for the cellophane-Opp coil is unique to us and automatically adjusts the tension of the cellophane based on the weight and thickness of the coil.


Points are marked (spots are made) on the Opp-Cellophane packaging material as the product to be packaged, up to the length of the package. Information is entered into the machine for this interval measurement, so the logo of the producing company is placed on the product itself during packaging. These spots-signs are organized with a servo motor. In a machine with a servo motor, there is no waste of packaging material. The servo motor synchronously maintains the simultaneous flow of the packaging material and the product.


In companies that produce high-capacity sandwich hamburgers, it is a machine used in the cutting operation before packaging sandwich and hamburger bread. A circular blade is used in the machine. It is easy to remove and install. There are three adjustment knobs. The first one is the upper pressure adjustment. The upper belt is adjusted up and down according to the thickness of the bread to be cut, and the bread is prevented from jumping during cutting. The blade is adjusted up and down in the second adjustment knob. With this adjustment, the cutting point of the bread is determined. In the third adjustment knob, the cutting depth is adjusted. All of these adjustments are done manually. There is a metal sensor in the machine. This sensor protects the upper belt. In addition, thanks to the sensor, in case of a possible operator error, the machine protects itself and all the motors running in the machine stop.

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