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French and Roll Packaging Machine


With our packaging machine, roll breads can be automatically packaged using a pouring and automatic feeding system without human touch. The drum feeding unit consists of two groups. One product pouring conveyor, two sorting gap opening and aligning conveyors. If tray feeding is used, the trays are poured onto the product conveyor. With the help of sensors, the product conveyor moves the products onto the conveyor as required. Then it arranges the products and feeds them into the packaging section. In line feeding, the belts are brought close to the line where the product arrives. Depending on the product’s arrival speed (within the capacity of our packaging machine), the products are packaged. The packaging section features easy and intelligent automation (servo system).

General Features

With the PLC computer software and touch control screen in our machine, easy access and intervention to product package length, photocell adjustment, and machine speed are provided. There is a product control sensor that prevents the roll bread from getting stuck in the jaw. The part that performs jaw/packaging adhesion during packaging does not crush the bread. If the bread is not in the correct position, the sensor stops the machine. All surfaces contacting the product and the surrounding protective covers of the machine are made of food-safe 304-grade stainless steel. Our machines are designed to work with date coding devices. There is a counting apparatus at the output of our machine.

General Features

For user safety, emergency stop and safety switches are placed where necessary. There is an automatic product recall and storage system that stores packaged product information in memory. The production capacity of our machine is an average of 11,000 pieces per hour. Thanks to the rotating jaw/packaging adhesive part/system, our machine operates with zero waste. The jaw apparatus performs packaging every 180-degree rotation. The working packaging cellophane coil dimensions of our machine are 32 cm in width and 20 microns in thickness/min/, which reduces your packaging cost. Cellophane thickness is a cost-increasing factor.

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