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PLC Controlled Fully Automatic Sandwich, Hamburger, Roll Bread, and Variety Bread Production Line - Full Line

General Features

Electrical and electronic malfunctions of the machine are displayed as images and alerted in text on the screen.
The overall settings of the machine are controlled through a touch screen with PLC.
The machine’s PLC program can be remotely reloaded (via the Internet) in case of malfunctions.
The working components and belts of the machine can be easily detached and attached.
The machine is user-friendly for cleaning.
Our machine is unique in its class in Turkey.
The machine remains unaffected by significant ambient temperature changes.
All machine data is stored in memory for continuous use.
The speed of all belts in the machine can be adjusted to the desired level.
The machine is user-friendly and easy to operate.

Cutting Section

The machine’s body and components are crafted from 304-grade Chrome Nickel CRNI stainless steel from Finland, resistant to corrosion and tarnishing.
The machine simultaneously cuts 6 pieces of dough with equal weight.
Dough ranging from 30 – 180 grams can be cut using the machine.
Maximum of 11,000 pieces of roll bread dough can be cut and rounded in one hour.
(Hamburger dough max: 10,000 pieces per hour, Sandwich dough max: 8,000 pieces per hour).
The cutting speed can be adjusted by the production staff.
The cutting process uses minimal flour, ensuring a clean working environment.
The amount of flour applied to the cut dough can be adjusted as needed.
The machine’s dough-cutting process does not require constant lubrication (food oil); the lubrication system is automatically controlled. Specifically produced food oil is used for lubrication.
The pressure-free cutting process prevents dough damage, a distinctive feature compared to other machines (Stress-Free feature).
This machine is the primary equipment for all production lines. Various types of dough production can be achieved using additional units on this machine.
Through the cutting unit, apart from Roll Bread, Sandwich, and Hamburger, Cabatta (Ciabatta), Tortilla-Lavash type bread dough can be cut to the desired weight.

Type-1 Vertical Resting Unit

This machine is employed for shaping products.
If cut dough is not rested, after baking, products can deform, tear, crack, etc.
Resting primarily aims to alleviate the initial stress in the dough that has been cut and rounded based on its weight.
In the resting machine, 86 sets of 6-dough carrying cassettes are available. A total of 516 dough baskets are present.
These baskets are constructed from polymer material compliant with food standards, facilitating easy cleaning and removal.
Among these, 70 sets of 6-cassette (equivalent to 420 baskets) operate when full, while 16 sets of 6-cassette (96 baskets) serve as empty return cassettes,
The minimum resting time at the lowest speed is 2.5 minutes. The resting time can be adjusted as desired.
The resting unit features sections covered with air-void, light-permeable polycarbonate material, enhancing internal visibility and facilitating easy removal for thorough cleaning.


The shaping section includes a shaping unit, a flattening band, a shaping pillow, and a sorting unit. The flattening band is employed to create a circular shape in the dough. The shaping pillow is designed for sandwich-type (elongated) bread dough. This pillow, made from polymer material, complies with food regulations. The size and shape of products can be effortlessly adjusted based on the dough’s weight. The sorting apparatus arranges sandwich-type dough into a single line, ensuring all 3 pieces of dough are transferred to the sorting belt simultaneously. This operation is managed by intelligent optical sensors connected to the PLC.

Distribution (Automatic Tray Sorting)

The machine automatically distributes dough of any type into trays and wooden paddles of various sizes. Through straightforward settings, the machine performs automatic sorting for both corrugated and flat trays. If a tray or paddle is not correctly positioned, the machine halts and provides an on-screen alert.
After adjusting other parameters, dough is placed onto the trays or paddles, either horizontally or vertically.
Trays are automatically moved to the distribution bed and then removed after the distribution process. The system halts if no empty trays are available in the tray bed.
In case of a power outage during operation, once power is restored, the process continues from where it left off.

Tray Sizes:

The distribution unit’s tray has a maximum size of 80 x 104 cm.
Trays with dimensions ranging from 50×74 – 59×80 – 60×90 – 75×104 – 70×120 can all be easily accommodated in the Distribution Units.
Teflon-Aluminum or specially coated trays can be used.
If a special type of extended Distribution Unit is required, it accommodates trays of up to 80×120 size.

Importance of Kestart Oil

Kestart Oil plays a crucial role in cutting tools by eliminating residue and stickiness.
Using Kestart Oil extends the machine’s lifespan.
It reduces maintenance costs associated with the machine.
Kestart Oil contains a high level of Oleic Acid obtained through refining. Its color is clear, colorless, or light yellow. It is not directly used in food preparation and poses no health risks upon contact with food. It is derived from Olive oil, Hazelnut oil, and Sunflower oil.
Research indicates that it reduces the risk of high blood pressure due to its rich content of unsaturated fatty acids, helps balance cholesterol levels, and offers protection against heart and vascular diseases. It also reduces insulin requirements for individuals with diabetes and provides a protective effect against specific types of cancer.

Important Notices

The Kestart machine includes an automation-linked lubrication unit to assist the dough pressing system. The liquid oil utilized is a specially produced Kestart Liquid Oil of high quality. Using oils other than Kestart will cause damage to the machine and void the warranty.
Customers should conduct preliminary workplace preparations to create a comfortable working environment within these dimensions. Placement of the machine within the workplace should be carefully planned. The machine is unloaded from the transport vehicle using a heavy-duty forklift and then positioned within the desired location inside the building using a manually controlled Transplant (minimum 2.5 tons). The Loading-Unloading Instructions provided on the machine or packaging must be read before any operations are conducted. For the machine to function, a 380-volt power line must be available within the workplace.
Unauthorized intervention by unqualified personnel and the use of non-original spare parts during the warranty period will result in the invalidation of the machine’s warranty.

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