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PLC Controlled Automatic Pastry Production Line


All machine faults are displayed on the screen as images and are indicated with text warnings. The general settings of the machine are controlled via a PLC-controlled touchscreen. The working parts and belts of the machine can be easily disassembled and reassembled. The machine can be easily cleaned. The machine has a complete assembly and disassembly feature. Our machine is unique in dough cutting in Turkey. Different products can be produced by adding additional units to the machine line. For example, by adding a resting unit, sandwich bread production can be carried out. The machine has remote access (Internet) capability. The program software and settings of the machine can be changed no matter where in the world it is located.


1- Dough Cutting

2- Transfer Belt

3- 1st Flattening – Marking – Maraş Çöreği Unit

4- 2nd Flattening Unit (Can be deactivated depending on the product to be made)

5- Inner Filling Depositor

6- Manual Processing Unit


The body of the machine is made of food-grade 304 Chrome Nickel. It is made from CRNI stainless steel that is non-corrosive and non-tarnishing Finland Steel. The machine has six pistons and cuts 6 dough pieces in each stroke. Dough weighing between 30 – 180 grams can be cut on the machine. It cuts and rounds approximately 10,000 pieces of dough per hour on average. Due to minimal flour usage during cutting, it creates a clean working environment. The amount of flour given to the dough can be adjusted. The machine does not constantly require food oil during cutting. The low-pressure application on the dough does not cause deformation due to stress during cutting. (Stress-Free feature)


-In this section, the process of filling the center of the pastry dough with ingredients such as cheese, potatoes, minced meat, olive paste, etc., is carried out.
-This unit is completely made of 304 stainless steel that does not tarnish and is non-corrosive Finland Steel.
-There is one piston for each row.
-These pistons (filling pumps) can be individually deactivated.
-2 pneumatic cylinders provide motion to this system consisting of 6 pistons.
-The weight adjustment is made by a magnetic sensor on the pneumatic cylinders.
-All parts of the machine can be easily disassembled and cleaned.


-The processing conveyor can be manufactured between 2 to 6 meters according to the need.
-The processing conveyor is an empty belt with work tables as needed.
-The manual work for pastries (such as Maraş pastry, etc.) from previous sections is done on these tables.
-The final shaped products are transferred to baking trays manually.
-An optional automatic tray placing unit can be purchased separately.
-The processing conveyor is made of white PVC and is extremely easy to clean. Wet cleaning can be performed.
-The entire frame of the conveyor is made of stainless material.


The Kestart machine has an automation-assisted oiling unit to assist the dough pressing system. The liquid oil used here is good brand Corn Oil or specially made Kestart Liquid Oil. Using other oils will damage the machine and void the warranty.

Preparatory work should be carried out at the customer’s workplace to create a comfortable working environment of these dimensions. The placement of the machine in the workplace should be planned. The machine is unloaded from the transport vehicle with a large forklift and then placed in the desired location inside the building using a hand-controlled Transplant (at least 2.5 tons). The Loading-Unloading Instructions written on the machine or packaging must be read before any operation is performed. A 380 Volt power line must be available at the workplace for the machine to operate.
Unauthorized intervention by unqualified personnel and the use of non-original spare parts during the warranty period will void the warranty.
-The sorting apparatus ensures that the flattened pastry dough is placed in a proper order before reaching the filling machine (depositor).
Depending on the type of product to be produced, production can be carried out by deactivating the rollers (cylinders) on the units.


Eliminates residue and stickiness in cutting units. Extends the machine’s lifespan if Kestart oil is used. Reduces maintenance costs of the machine. Kestart oil contains a high content of Oleic Acid refined from olives, hazelnuts, and sunflower oil. It has a clear, colorless to light yellow appearance. It is not directly used in food preparation. Its contact with food is not harmful to health. It is derived from Olive Oil, Hazelnut Oil, and Sunflower Oil. Research has shown that it reduces the risk of high blood pressure as a monounsaturated fatty acid, balances cholesterol, and protects against heart and vascular diseases. It also reduces insulin needs in diabetic patients and has a protective effect against certain types of cancer.

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