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PLC Controlled 6-Unit Roll Dough Cutting and Automatic Tray Dispensing Machine

General Features

Electrical and electronic malfunctions of the machine are displayed as images on the screen and indicated in text.
General settings of the machine are controlled through a PLC-controlled touch screen.
The PLC program of the machine can be reloaded remotely via internet access in case of a malfunction.
Working components and belts of the machine are easily detachable and installable.
The machine is easy to clean.
Our machine is the only one of its kind in Turkey.
The machine is minimally affected by changes in ambient temperature.
All information of the machine is stored in memory and can be continuously utilized.
Speed settings of all belts on the machine can be adjusted to the desired level.
The machine is easy to learn and use.

Cutting Section

The body and parts of the machine are made from 304-grade Chrome Nickel CRNI stainless steel that does not corrode or tarnish, manufactured in Finland.
Dough can be cut between 30 – 180 grams using the machine.
Max: 11,000 pieces of roll dough are cut and rolled in an hour.
(Hamburger dough max: 10,000 pieces per hour, Sandwich dough max: 7,000 pieces per hour).
Due to the minimal use of flour in the cutting process, it creates a clean working environment.
The amount of flour given to the cut bread dough can be adjusted to the desired quantity.
The machine does not require continuous lubrication during the dough cutting process, the lubrication system is automatically adjusted.
Due to the pressure-free cutting, it does not damage the dough unlike other machines (Stress-Free Dough Feature).
This machine is the main machine for all production lines. With additional units, all types of dough production can be done on this machine.
Using the cutting unit, besides roll bread, Sandwich, Hamburger, Cabatta (Ciabatta), Tortilla-Lavash type bread doughs can be cut at the desired weight.

Dispensing (Automatic Tray Arrangement)

The machine automatically arranges trays and wooden boards (wooden trays) of any size for any type of dough.
With the simple settings of the machine, it arranges automatically for fluted and flat trays.
If the tray or board is not in the correct position, automatic arrangement does not occur, the machine stops and provides a warning on the screen.
The number of dough pieces to be arranged inside the trays can be adjusted to the desired amount.
The trays are placed horizontally or vertically, and after the arrangement is made, the dough is dispensed.
Trays are automatically taken into the dispensing bed and after dispensing, they are automatically taken out.
Dough dispensing is not performed unless there is an empty tray in the tray bed, the system stops.
In case of a power outage during the process, it continues from where it left off when the power is restored.
Through special conveyor belts in the tray dispensing slot, trays are automatically placed inside and after dispensing, they are taken out.

Tray Sizes:

80 x 104 cm is the maximum size for the DISPENSING UNIT tray.
Sizes 50×74 – 59×80 – 60×90 – 75×104 – 70×120 can be easily used in Dispensing Units.
Teflon-Aluminum or specially coated trays can be used.
If a Special Type Long Dispensing Unit is required, it can dispense to trays up to 80×120 size.

Importance of Kestart Oil

Eliminates residues and stickiness in cutting apparatus.
The machine’s lifespan is extended when using Kestart oil.
Reduces maintenance costs for the machine.
Kestart oil contains a high percentage of Oleic Acid obtained through refinement. It is clear, colorless to light yellow. It is not used directly in food preparation. Contact with food is not harmful to health. It is obtained from Olive oil, Hazelnut oil, and Sunflower oil.
Research has shown that it reduces the risk of high blood pressure by containing a high amount of monounsaturated fatty acids, balances cholesterol, and provides protection against heart and vascular diseases. It also reduces the insulin needs of diabetes patients and has a protective effect against certain types of cancer.

Important Warnings!

In the Kestart machine, there is an automation-connected lubrication unit to assist in the dough pressing system. The liquid oil used here is good brand Corn oil or specially made Kestart Liquid oil. Using other oils will definitely harm the machine and void the warranty.
Preparatory work that will create a comfortable working environment in these dimensions should be carried out at the customer’s workplace. The location of the machine in the workplace should be planned. The machine is unloaded from the transport vehicle with a large forklift, then placed in the desired location in the building manually using a Transplat (minimum 2.5-ton capacity) operated by hand. The Loading-Unloading Instructions written on the machine or packaging should be read before proceeding. The machine requires a 380 Volt power line to be available at the workplace for operation.
The intervention of unauthorized personnel and the use of non-original spare parts during the warranty period will void the warranty for the machine.


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