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Special Dough Lamination and Processing Line

It is a Special Request Machine

General Specifications

*It is an essential machine for various types of natural bread and frozen bakery products.
*Managed by PLC Command-Control computer software, the units are synchronized with each other.
*The high water content in the dough prevents it from drying out quickly, making it ideal for frozen dough products.
*The dough remains soft and consistent as it doesn’t undergo impact and pressure, thus serving as the primary raw material for various bakery products.
*Natural products are produced without the need for Dough Additives.
*Easy to clean the production line.
*Machines are made of Stainless Steel and Chrome Nickel, preventing the harboring of bacteria and oxidation.
*Operates quietly.
*Remote access is possible.
*100% domestically manufactured machine, produced in our factory in Izmir.
*Machine units are modular, allowing for easy transport and compatibility with future additional machines.
*The product dough has a separate system that can be easily changed according to the type of product.
*Machine unit layout and shape can vary according to the characteristics of the product to be produced, suitable for small spaces.

Products That Can Be Produced

Toasted pizza dough, Döneraltı Tırnaklı Pide, Pizza base dough, Ciabatta bread dough, Puff pastry dough, Baguette bread dough, Square roll bread dough, Pide dough (to be filled inside)

Machine Units

1- Dough Pump
2- Vargel – Horizontal Dough Rolling
3- Dough Thinning (Multi Ruler)
4- Calibration – Crushing Dough with Cylindrical Roller
5- Portioning (product dough) cutting and Marking
6- Dough Processing (filling dough, etc.) unit

Working Principles of the Units

1- Dough Pump: The dough placed in a container called the dough bunker flows continuously through the cylindrical mechanism towards the vargel unit without changing its length until the dough is completely used up.
2- Vargel: It provides continuous reciprocating motion in a forward-backward single direction over the horizontal dough, allowing the initial thinning of the dough.
3- Dough Thinning (Multi Ruler): The dough passes over rollers to achieve the desired thickness without impact, based on the programmed product type.
4- Calibration: The third cylinder movement reduces the product dough to the exact desired thickness.
5- Portioning: The product dough starts to be cut to the desired dimensions here and is marked.
Dough Processing: Fillings (such as sauce, cheese, etc.) to be placed inside the product dough are added here, and then they are transferred to baking trays.

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